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Assembled easily, I won't say build., a true ARF.
HS82mg, bigger HS225mg on elevator, ICE100, proBEC, stock eflite fan/motor.
For the maiden I set controls per manual except more elevator w/40% expo as someone reported they used 40%..
No dual rates were set as I always use high rates trusting my thumbs to keep things in check.
Took off perfect, didn't need any trim. elevator was horribly slow reacting but I kept flying.
Big loop, rolls quick with speed, really slow(dangerously) at lower speeds.
As I pulled back for a high speed diving run dwnwind it suddenly went vertical and I had no control despite moving all controls. it came out flat and level at the top and I regained control. Not knowing what caused that I decided to land. Quickly turned to final, wheels down and full flaps, but was too high and fast. Decided to go around, Kept it at 50ft at 1/2 throttle and turned dwnwind with whells and full flaps still down, BIG Mistake.
Controls turned to mush but it was straight and not losing too much altitude.
A crosswind gust caught it and flipped it 90 degrees to the right. I immediately applied full left aileron with little effect! Losing altitude quickly now it slowly came back upright but by then it was behind and below the bushes so I just shut it off and kept the nose up.
A sickening fglass breaking sound behind the bushes. Nose shattered back to the intakes. The nose wheel strut had caught the bushes first and ripped the entire nose apart. If you're crashing in the bushes get the wheels back up!
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