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I kinda like CF better. But thanks for that link, interesting Align style copy tail they have there...except it looks like in the photo it sits on a 45* angle on the heli? Check where the tail fin would normally go

I did some more load testing today...I'm thinking 3 600's might be fine afterall now. Looks like the advertised KV and the 'in use' KV's didnt match too much on this current motor I'm using. After bumping up the headspeed to the CC esc governer's preferred speed/actual throttle % range, that bog o' rama stopped. The headspeed was a little too low for how that gov likes to work, giving the bog impressions. Amazing how an extra 50 rpm make things much better (running 1400 now).

Anyway, I used the logger function, and the 'power out' says all is well running 2 550's by a large margin. I then piled in just over 2 lbs of batteries to get the flight weight over 8 lbs to see what would happen...still good 'power out' levels on full collective (within the tail's ability to hold). So I'm guessing motor wise it should be dandy pushing 3 blades if one were to extrapolate the guessed load of 3 blades, lol. It was interesting the fairly large difference in running amperage adding those 2 lbs to the heli. Like 5 amps more...but the CC logger reads rather inaccurately, but still quite a comparison between the 2 on the graphs.

Might make for one sweet 600...nice and light.

Oh yeah, bumping the headspeed up to 1400 gave some noticable betterment in flight manners, I recommend it . So basically, try for 1400 on 550mm blades hauling around 6lbs of scaler.
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