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Originally Posted by leccyflyer View Post
You asked.

The hairs that you are attempting to split, in differentiating between a request and whatever else you have determined to be the escape clause required, are amusing, but ultimately unlikely to result in anything other than pages of semantics.
It isn't a splitting of hairs, nor is it an escape clause. It is the operation of trespass law.

"Ask" is a request. It isn't a requirement to acquiesce to a request. Under trespass law, no crime is broken by failure to leave upon request. And, contrary to what some here think, it is quite possible to be polite, responsible, and not acquiesce to such request.

"Demand" isn't a request. Had the CostCo representative demanded that Erik leave, then at that point, he must leave, or be in violation of trespass law. THAT is the point where the rights of the business owner trump the rights of the person being trespassed, not earlier. In this case, by overstating the 'need' for LE, CostCo violated Erik Scott's rights.
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