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thanks chris
ive been stalling on doing anymore parts to the plan because ive been working quite alot on areas that im not happy with and dont want people to have to make things twice! lol
this version is still only the testing prototype and is always being changed slightly so i can try and get it to fly better and see what does what when its adjusted/altered

ive made some cosmetic changes lately as its starting to look pretty well used
i repainted a few parts, made some new fins for the back wheels, a new screen so you can see through it better on my next video and made a new instrument panel cus i broke the last one!
this ones even got a little foam radio

I also did something that ive been meaning to do for a while and that was to make a 'wrist' hinge for his hands, he could never bend properly in this area and it was restricting bar movement,
youll see in some of my videos that his hands arent even connected to the bar and this was the reason why,
these hinges work perfect though and has sorted that problem.

one of my servos has been playing up lately so now i know the wing can carry more weight easily im going to put in some mini or maybe standard MG servos in place of these micros,
think its abit too much to ask of micro servos but theyve done the job brilliantly up until now so maybe ill get away with a pair of mini Metal geared ones.

one bonus with going with bigger servos is that i can use longer arms,
and then because of the increased travel i can use longer springs so the trike will be able to move alot more freely and not transfer thrust forces up to the wing making for better pitch stability.. thats the theory anyway

working on some proper undercarriage legs as this was only meant to be temporary to get it up on its wheels,
new legs will be carbon struts and have suspension including the front one,
hopefully have a new onboard video within the next week too, cant wait to see the moving head from onboard! haha
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