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I have proven your theory of issues with the orange recievers to be accurate heres what i have found:
Fact #1) if your antenae is straight and not bent you can loose signal and must move the tx franticly to retrieve signal. I have had it happen more than a few times with more than one plane.
Fact #2) Orange recievers dont have either the range or the antenae exposure to properly funtion unless at close range. I have lost multiple aircraft with these reievers the stick just goes dead at ranges that are well within normal flying ranges for any reciever sometimes i got signal back sometimes crunch into the pacific or asphalt ect. I will say everytime ive lost signal i had an orange rx in the plane. Thankfully the planes i lost were cheap but i wouldnt trust an orange rx in an expensive plane. All i can say is be careful best to make sure the antenae wire is exposed to line of site with tx preferably no balsa or foam in between even better get the satelite adapter for it.
Fact #3) If you leave your bind plug in by accident you will loose your plane after a few minutes especially if others are binding/flying 2.4 i lost an f-16 edf that way.
Fact #4) The dx6i spectrum radio does not warn you when your tx batteries are low it warns you when they are way to low so be careful that you watch your tx voltage it may spike at first when you turn tx on but then slowly fall below acceptable levels decreasing your range during flight.
Planes lost because of orange rx's
Stinger edf jet
Aspire power glider
Unkown possibilities: both planes i lost at sea flying over the ocean this may have something to do with it i dont know just a side point and sounds like you did too?
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