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Hey Rickter!

As you can see, it is readily available at Home depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc. The brand I use is by "Dap".

As for uses -- I use it in the finishing process. Straight out of the tub, you can use it to fill dings and dents prior to final sanding and painting. I've also used it to make seams and joints disappear in preparation for final coating of paint.

I also use it in the "primer" process -- "Freddie B's Special Sauce" - as I like to call it -- it is a mixture of acrylic paint, minwax polycrilic, talcum powder, water and lightweight spackle. In short, you paint it on, sand it down, and then put your final coat of paint over that.

As mentioned earlier, you would not want to use it to hold anything together or without puting a top coat over it (it is not waterproof, and can be brittle when dry). It's just one of those tools that can be used to make a scratchbuilt foamy appear not "scratchbuilt" and not "foamy".

Hope that helps!
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