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Sometimes I feel I'd like a completely freeform programming option, like just considering the sticks and swithches inputs and then defining outputs to the servos without any predefined limitations. Sometimes I wonder why some options are only for gliders, some for aerobatic planes etc, and then thinking about how you could make as generic and flexible aircraft mode as possible I usually end up with something that resembles a programming language. While it is often nice to have menus for ailerons and flaps and things that have a meaning in reference to most planes, if you want something special, you'll just find these limitations you have to circumvent. Like if you want a variable pitch propeller, you may want to use helicopter mode, but then you lose some options that are only available with the airplane modes.

What about a mode where you link the inputs to as many outputs as you want using whatever curves you may want? Probably very inconvenient to do on the transmitter's screen but quite easy on a relatively simple computer program. What if you want to control an excavator or other stuff that doesn't even resemble an airplane?

BTW, is there a feature wish list thread for hardware? I would really like a transmitter battery and charger like the ones in the laptops - a li-ion battery, automatic charge control (well, at least this part includes some software..), plug-in charger. I really don't like taking tx batteries out for charging (currently use the original NiMH and charger), and nobody seems that scared about charging laptops with batteries attached.

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