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Originally Posted by Aeroplayin View Post
We went through two Turnigy motors in Tom's PA 260 two years ago ... one of them came with the plane when we bought it from a friend ... before we decided that cheap motors were just too expensive. It is not to say that putting very small props on them and running them up to max RPMs in straight and level flight will have the same affect, but we have always sought the bigger prop option, and the cells, and the motor, to accommodate 3D and extreme aerobatic maneuvers.

In flying IMAC sequences, larger props provide more consistent velocity at all attitudes than smaller props, which is important in scoring, and bigger props provide more low RPM torque, and more airflow over control surfaces that are in full departure, so it has always been the direction we have gravitated.

To spin a 24x10 prop on our 50cc airframes between 85 and 88 inches, we went to a very expensive Hacker, but I feel in the long run that the investment will prove to be worth it, just like the Motrolfly has been with the 48 and 60. I actually have a NIB Turnigy that I bought two years ago but never mounted it on an airplane because I had virtually no faith that it would do what it was intended for, or last through any real extreme aerobatic flying for any amount of time. I don't like bashing products, but seeing this only reminds me how passive you really have to be with HK motors. The Plush, K-Force, and Superbrain ESC series, on the other hand, have been as good as, or better than, anything I have used on 48 to 60 size airframes.

I have enough trouble trying to keep from dumb-thumbing a great airframe into the ground, and I donít need any help from motors like this. If anyone is interested in paying the shipping, Iíd be happy to send this HK motor to you for free just to keep it from finding its way onto one of my airplanes in a weak moment, or to keep me from giving it to a club member and having to hear the dark stories from them later.
I'll take it, PM sent
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