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Maiden time?

Tip sheet;

About the B2….. There could be several out there being built and you just don’t hear about it till they fly them; I’ve seen that many times with the GeoBat.

I recommend putting a temporary rudder on the B2…….. We did….. Then removed later, but it’s a little intimidating with out it. Approximately 9 square inches should do it.
I don’t think Josh’s needs very much up reflex on the elevons. Maybe half what the paintball wings use. 1 or 2
a light breeze actually helps the launch if the direction of the wind is favorable for your field.
Put some temporary colored tape trim on either the bottom or top so you can tell the difference in a pinch.
Fly it when no one else is flying so you can hear what the motors are sounding like, should one begin to slow down; land ASAP!
Have a friend launch the plane directly into the wind. Be at 75% power… Tell him to watch his dam fingers. Launch at a very slight nose up attitude. As soon as the speed builds try going to full power if nothing crazy happens…. Get to pattern altitude the come back to 5/8 power and trim out the plane.
set a time for about a 5 minute first flight.
Have about 45% expo on elevator and aileron (I think Futaba uses negative numbers)
Keep the plane in as close of a pattern as you can stand to keep your orientation in check.
Limit Full power runs to about 30 seconds then slow back down.
Landings are easy but the plane is very clean and a little bit fast so it’s easy to land long. Don’t flare it for all it’s worth…. Slow her down reasonably and then just plant it. You don’t want to get real slow and tip stall it.
kill power to save props right before landing.

Good luck!! I hope this has been helpful
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