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seefest on the 9x/flysky
I have not taken the time to try to understand the book on the transmitter.
On another thread a poster commented reading that manual is like trying to understand the registry on MS windows.
I have a few transmitters and binding is usually common to turn on the transmitter, keep the throttle stick in its lowest position and plug in the heli
let it do its thing and get back and power up. With the f45 you power up the transmitter and the heli move the throttle to high and back to low.
Then watch the transmitter blink for a while and once the light is solid then move the cyclic to confirm the servos move. Only then try to power up.
Something is different.
This weekend I will try to camp out with the flysky manual and see what I can understand. Maybe buried somewhere in there is a magic sequence that must be applied.
Right now I also doubt the 9x will bind properly but I would like to know if there is something that can be done.
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