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Originally Posted by NickFox View Post
Can someone shed some light on the below for me?? I am currently looking at buying the F-14 twin-60mm EDF... I got so hung up on the coolness of the swing-wings that I MISSED the fact that the airframe does NOT come with working ailerons!!

Question 1) You suggest below that the plane NOT be set up with elevons.. Well, since the plane Has No ailerons, how can you NOT set the plane up for elevon-configuration?? (short of custom-installing a set of working ailerons)??

Question 2) Since you seem to know a good bit about this plane, can you describe flight characterisitcs in ALL configs, meaning A) "standard, no-aileron, B) ailerons, NO elevon-setup, and then ailerons AND elevon (optional) setup..

many thanks in advnace for any input. Again, I'm pretty enthralled witht he F-14, however I'm also sure I'll be flying a 50mm F-16 and then 70mm FA/18 since they're pretty forgiving airframes.. after I get used to those, I'll attempt the F-14.. meanwhile, the F-14 LOOKS AMAZING - I'm still so impressed at the tech-advancement that allows for us to enjoy such COOL toys.. Again, TOY is the key-word, I think I have the correct expectations with EDF's and that's why I'm pretty sure I will A) LIKE THEM and B) NEVER criticize them as being underpowered.. I'm not expecting yank/bank turn and burn - I think I have correct expectations out of the model..
Sorry. Don't even remember the context of my reply but if the stabs were pitch only you would have to add functional ailerons.
Since this thread is directed to newer pilots;
Elevons (pitch & roll) are flap control surfaces that are a part of the wing as in Deltas or say F-117 NightHawk.
Stabilators are all moving stabs in pitch only that are aft unattached to the wing.
Tailerons are full moving stabs in pitch & roll that are aft unattached to the wing.

So the F-14, 15, 16, 18, 22, 35 all have tailerons.

The 14 roll control is unique as the FS has spoilerons. They worked like all the other with the tailerons. Some believe tailerons to be problematic as. They may introduce a cork screw effect depending on the design but this is little different than the coupling you hear from 3D guys with basic Stab/Elv and Ailerons. You simple program differential to dial it out.
I can't recall what I was relating from my quote but if I had limited channels and was concern about getting used to an F-14 as a first EDF, I would add ailerons and fix the wings extended to have it fly a little more conventionally. Any coupling etc. isn't really something a beginner is going to see or need to worry about much because they're not pushing the model or doing lots of hard manuevers like the FS.

With any of the F-14s I'd add the aileron servos, which don't have to be big servo's since the tailerons are doing most of the work, but I'd set the wing servos as flapperons/spoilerons (for landing and wing extended roll) and use very light small servos. I'd also leave the tailerons always active and not switch between Stabilators wings extended, Tailerons wing retracted.
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