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It seems we have been enamored with our F45's and now must defend their honor.

@seefest - I, for one, welcome your thoughts, opinions and experiences. And I can see why you would be so unhappy with your tx, but maybe you just got a bad one? I am curious. Based on your experience to date - would you recommend people stay away from purchasing a F45?

Here is my $0.02 (Cdn):

In the opening paragraph on this thread I wrote "Like all makes, they too are not perfect".

IME the F45 is a good, not perfect, affordable larger entry level fp with lots of upgrade potential. And in stock form it flys fine right out of the box. I think this heli is targeted at new(ish) fp pilots and hits that target very well.

My F45 tx sticks are linear and predictable. I agree that the quality feel is not quite on par with the heli, but I, for one, am glad they put the money into the heli.

I have a Nine Eagles J6Pro tx that is much better in quality and feel than the F45 tx. But it cost as much as the complete F45 RTF package. It's flaw is that it's a pita to program.

We have many V911's. Those little tx's really are pretty good for the money but they also have a flaw. When switching to high rates, the rudder rate changes too much, and makes it much more difficult to control (at least on the older ones). There is no adjustment. You have to solder in some resistors.

If we could take the best from each heli and combine it into the perfect one . . . . maybe it would be a F45 with a 9x tx, a trex canopy, and a V911 price tag.

Keep flying. Keep sharing.

regards . . . g
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