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Originally Posted by mguilbau1 View Post
I have the 2m Raptor and I have everything built and ready to go. I am really concerned about the CG. My plane weighs about 5 lbs and I have the CG just behind the front wing by about 1/2-3/4 of an inch. I have never hand launched a plane of this weight before and I really hate the thought of crashing it after all the work to get it to this point. Has anyone used a trolly with wheels that remains on the ground after their plane took off? If so where did you get it.

Many thanks

I know your fear all too well Marc. Get your CG worked out (the marks under the wings work well for this) and I recommend using a 5000mah or 2x 2200mah positioned approximately 4-6" away from the nose. I used a permanant marker on the inside of the fuselage to mark the positions that worked best. This will eliminate the trial and error (and crashes) from trying to find that perfect balance each flight. A thick piece of insulation foam hot glued (or wedged) into the inside of the nose will protect your batteries from slamming into the nose if you nose dive into the ground at launch.

I have several funny (yet painful) videos of unsuccesful hand launches, as I tried to learn how best to get this plane into the air. Pride keeps me from posting them, but maybe I'll share them soon so others may learn what NOT to do
After crashing it, you'll quickly realize that most problems can be fixed with CA glue, hot glue, or epoxy. As discouraged as you'll get, just keep fixing it and throwing it back in the air. The feeling you'll get after a few successful flights is well worth it in the end.
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