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Originally Posted by seefest View Post
You're entitled to your opinion.......thats what makes the world go round. Just a note. I've been in RC since the early 80's. I've owned just about every popular make of transmitter made, which currently includes an A9, several 72 Mhz high end Futabas, Spektrum and an old Sanwa. My dad built his first CP heli back in 1971, which was a 14 lb full bodied Bell Jet Ranger.

I also fly CP helis in various sizes as well. These beginner helis are just for fun in my house and my small backyard. Size of the heli has little to do with nimbleness and response. There are numerous factors which contribute to it.

Back to the F45 transmitter. First off, it arrived at my doorstep with the rotary button wire harness unplugged from the PCB. Simple fix to remove the back cover and replug it, but it is a sign of poor QC.
Next up, the style and look is extremely toy grade. This can be forgiven given the price.
Lastly but most importantly are the gimbals. Loose, light feeling with almost NO spring tension. A tranmitters gimbals are the first link with the control of the aircraft, if they feel like crap, so does the aircraft. The V911 transmitter is MUCH better in this regard. (still not great but better)

And just because a radio has more functions does not make it a better radio. It can still be a POS with lots of functions! LOL.

Seeing that you are so far advanced in both experience and equipment, why are you even bothering with what you call an inferior product?? Sounds to me you already have most of the high end R/C products already in your hanger.

I'm certain your analysis is accurate... but for me personally, I do NOT wish to make a major financial investment just to discover this hobby's not for me. From what I've read, and the videos I've seen, this little F45 appears to be a great value for the money.

I have no plans to mod this copter - I simply want to FLY it. If I find I enjoy the hobby then I will, at some time in the future, invest in more sophisticated helis, TX's, etc.

Someone already posted comments about welcoming the negative along with the positives - I also wish to know both sides! The more we learn about our birds, the better prepared we are to deal with the weaknesses and enhance our enjoyment of what we own at the present time - So thank you for the information.

Fly safe,

... Lennie

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