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Originally Posted by zerohr View Post
Can someone say something about my problem described over here:

In short, my plane starts rolling to the RIGHT when I apply throttle! The more throttle, the roll is stronger, I almost crashed it. Without throttle it glides very well and stable but with throttle it rools RIGHT and goes UP like it's still tailheavy and I need almost full left aileron to return it back in line (and hold it). When I check CG, plane is light nose heavy. Witch neutral CG is uncontrollable. Is this still a side effect of nose heavy airplane or what?

Hi, Not sure if this will be much help, but I have had a similar problem on another aircraft. The roll the aircraft exhibits when on full power is probably due to the motor shaft angle, or thrust line. not sure the specifics of this aircraft (mine is in the post!), but normally the thrust line is slightly offset to stop this from happening, I believe the problem you are experiencing with the roll is called torque roll.

regarding the pitching up issue, have you ensured the aircraft COG is spot on? Others in this thread with experience with thisplane will be able to tell you if the manufacturers cog is okay. If the COG is spot on, it could be to do with the thrust line again,

Hope that helps.

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