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Originally Posted by bigroger View Post
Tried out Apc 12x6, APC 13x6.5, vox 13x5 and Vox 13x6.5 with Turnigy 40C4s2200 cells.

Numbers were very interesting and not what I expected.

APC 12x6, 10650rpm, 46A, 761W
Vox 13x5, 10110rpm, 42A, 646W
Vox 13x6.5, 9300rpm, 51A, 796W
APC 13x6.5, 9390rpm, 60A, 950W.
I think there may be something amiss with some of that data. What seems odd is that the amps and the RPM dont correlate as would be expected. Lower RPM must mean more load, and more load must mean more amps. But those figures dont tie up that way, for instance the 13" APC pulls way more amps than any other prop yet its not the lowest RPM. Also the 12" APC has the highest RPM yet not the lowest amps?

Also the battery voltages are all over the place. The 12x6 APC figures calculate to a battery voltage of 16.54v, which is way too high for a loaded 4s battery. The Vox props calculate to about 15.4v which is much more realistic but 13" APC calcs to 15.8v when you would expect that to be lowest of the lot due to highest amps
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