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Originally Posted by DenverJayhawk View Post
when i had the torque/boss combo on a rhino 2350 4s pack using apc 12x6, it wasn't anywhere near 700w. It only pulled a little over 600W static. Could have been the elevation (~5280 ft)
Here's why.... I fly at 23 ft ASL and the last time I checked, which was a while ago, I got 10,200 RPMs out of the Torque and airboss combo on 4S, and measured 43A and 640W. That's 14.88v at an 83.7% Kv efficiency. A 12x6 APC turning 10,200 is 547 Watts-out so there were about 100W consumed in one way or another. That battery was definitely a Turnigy blue, which means that at the same Kv efficiency, I should expect 10,600 RPMs at 15.44v on one of my better batteries.

That's about 615 Watts-out, so I would expect to see about 720W on the meter, which is very similar to what Roger is reporting, but his voltage is better than what I would expect from my tired 4S Sky's. Haven't bought a new one in a while and expect about 3.9v per cell at WOT.

So the bottom line is that we will see different reading on the same motor with the same prop if our voltage is different, and it always will be from person to person and from minute to minute. This is one of the reasons why RPM readings is so important to power comparisons.
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