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Originally Posted by countilaw View Post
Makes you wonder why they have a customer service chat, when they don't know anything about the problem or can find out anything about your problem. Seems they are there just to say they have customer service, yet all they do is stall you, by telling the customer to contact another department.

I have never shopped with them and never will. I think anything they have, I can do without.

That sucks tascheri, but they do only have a 30 day warranty. Have you tried Hobbypartz and GensAce packs? They have a fairly good rep.


Mark, did you have a reason for quoting me, or was that a personal attack on my credibility? It certainly didn't have anything to do with this thread.

It seems that you are trolling for a fight. I hope not. I told tascheri that you would be along to help him out and that you knew what you were talking about, yet you attack my credibility.

Maybe I was wrong about you and your sincerety on helping people, but just enjoying intigating arguments and discord.

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