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Throw the Jig Away

I've been building planes for 30 years+++ and I've been reading this thread for a few weeks. I have also assembled a TopModel kit before and can understand your dismay, but feel you must be in over your head with the build. I don't want to sound unsympathetic to your plight, but THROW THE JIG AWAY!!!!!! It's not that big a deal.......You don't need it and can build the kit without it.........

#1) I fully agree with Glen from post #3. The TopModel people assume that you have enough experience to assemble the ARF with little-to-no instructions. The instructions they supply are little more than pictures and dimensions anyway and you take it from there. Most kits can be built in different formats; servo locations, wing joiners, battery trays, LE angles, etc.......... The instructions are only a "Suggested" way to put the kit together. Depending on your intended usage, you might want to do things differently.

#2) The kits (ARF's) that they sell are not listed for beginners. You need to have enough building experience to be able to make critical decisions for yourself. As in your case, if the pitch was the wrong way - DON'T DO IT!!!! Ask the manufacturer or ask here on RC Groups. There is always someone willing to help.

#3) Understand your project completely "BEFORE" you start. If you have a problem or didn't understand something, ask the questions before starting to cut or drill something wrong. It's a lot harder to fix after.

And Last,

Almost every plane I purchase today is a used one. I find MANY damaged or poor flying planes that can be picked up very cheaply. Too many people fall into the trap of spending good money and then screwing up the build. They become discouraged when their new plane doesn't fly well or does not meet their expectations and want to get rid of it. Then I come in and buy it, make the needed changes and add another plane to my hanger.

I guess what I'm saying is, Don't become one of my suppliers. Use you r head and do it right the first time.

Paul M.
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