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Originally Posted by Robert Wagoner View Post
Nice mod. I'm trying to review the messages with useful content to move forward and help resolve this. I happen to be working on projects nearby to that Windtunnel and it was suggested. if that's not needed then fine, just another option.

Many helpful people have been on the rcgroups for years and likewise many have been run off so I appreciate anyone trying to help and being constructive. I'm eager to help resolve this in the best way possible.

What about a straight across same width elevator. The Quickie 500's had those for years although I notice most are V-Tails now.

Thanks Robert, glad you like the mod. I think you should stick to what i believe was the original concept of this plane (makeing a mini, very affordable Bandit), right down to the elevator. My mod just copies that format..
Here's a quick list of things I think Het did right with SSXL
1. Excellent concept (bandit like sport jet with no inherent bad habits)
2. Size is perfect for air presence/big plane feel.
3. $399 target price!!!
4. all composite (epoxy)
5. Painted ARF
Can you tell I'm a fan of this project?

Honestly, I would have thought the elevator would have worked fine as is until it didn't. A mistake I think we all could have made.
Robert, not sure exactly what's your/Hets differences with Tam, but please make amends with him. No matter what anyone feels about him, the guy is an unusually talented individual!!! Have you guys seen his bifurcated pipe on the Eflite F-4 conversion???!!! (yeah the one people said couldn't be done). Its like a miniature museum piece of art!.. I would love to get him on board with getting this thing turbinized once the new stabs complete..
Just my .02
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