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deltas are cool
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Originally Posted by Kevin Greene View Post
But I think they are an aerodynamic crutch to fix a problem that wasn't completly thought out...I read an article on the F-4 Phantom---Every bend that you see in that plane is a crutch to fix an aerodynamic deficiency that the engineers overlooked...12 1/2 degrees dihedral on the wing tips---23 1/2 degrees anhedral in the stabs (Both if my memory serves me well) are crutches to fix a problem...Not to mention that the government just throws money at a project until it flies!!!...Vortex generators shouldn't be necessary on this model IMO...

they are a fix ...but if you look at a lot of full scale planes they have them .....and i've seen them all over on military and civ. planes.not saying brents fixed any thing but so far so good .
Jonh ...i sold my other TJ F-16 and the ventrials fins went with it i need one to copy
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