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I have assembled my Taborca and am in the initial setup / programming stages and I have a couple of questions

Looking at the recommended settings from LET as shown their Taborca Guide I posted back in post #14, they give slow flight settings and fast glide settings, but no cruise or normal flight settings. I would assume that the cruise settings would be somewhere between the slow and fast settings. With a typical sailplane like my Pike Perfect, my flaps and ailerons are at 0, in my reflex or fast settings they are up 2 mm and in my cambered or slow flight they are down about 5 mm. On launch they are down even more. So if I use that as a guide and compare the recommended fast and slow settings, I guess my cruise settings are elevon at 0, the combiflaps are down 3 mm and the inner flaps are down about 16 mm. Just to confuse matters, the guide shows the inner flaps at 0 for aileron and rudder functions and used somewhat like a snap flap for elevator functions, (moving opposite the elevons)

What are your cruise or normal flight positions for your elevons, combiflaps and inner flaps?

Do you leave your inner flaps down at that setting for all aileron and rudder functions?

Did you ever try the recommended rudder setup?

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