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I've been flying DLG almost exclusively for about 2 years now, with a couple different body movement limitations (back and knee). I can attest that the DLG throwing motion is quite friendly on the body parts, arm & shoulder included. Good technique will result in good launch height and minimal strain. The only health warning I can give you is... it's highly addictive!

"Disser" is the cross-hatch grid of thin carbon tow strips in wing and/or tail surface layups, designed to add strength and stiffness with very little weight. Don't know why they call it disser, they just do. Seem to recall something about it making a wing stiff enough for "DSing" or Dynamic Soaring, which is very high speed and high stress. Disser maybe evolved as slang from there... maybe... See an example HERE.

The Solo isn't bad. That was my first DLG and I loved it. But there might be some better performers today in that same price range. Take a look at a Topsky 2 or Predator 2. Good discussion threads supporting those here as well. is offline Find More Posts by
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