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Considering trying DLG....suggestions?

I have been something of a speed freak off and on the last 11 or 12 years.

Heavy PSS slope
Dynamic Soaring

With a tendancy to push planes faster than they were designed to go. Lately (maybe I'm just getting old) I've been going the direction of slowing it down some. So I'm looking at trying my hand at DLG.

One concern I have is that I have a bad throwing arm due to an accident, so I'm not sure how throwing via the wingtip peg will work out for me.

So, can these be thrown overhand? Light bungee? And strictly sport flying....which doesn't rule out competition grade planes.

I want a decent starter and not break the bank, but not cheap out either. I was looking at the Solo . I looked at some cheaper built-up hand launch planes...I just figure you get what you pay for. I think to learn on...around $300 + or - for an airframe might be about right. And closer to 60" WS.

Any suggestions for a good starter would be appreciated.

EDIT: And what is "disser"?

Thanks, Bill
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