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Originally Posted by Gary Evans View Post
If you have followed the situation you should know that very likely in the near future there will be no middle ground with vague guidelines that can be bent to fit your situation. Your plane will either be considered a sUAS or an amateur model as defined by AMA. If your a sUAS the only way to fly will be deep pockets or illegally and I believe you can expect there will be enforcement. If AMA were to for whatever reason write FPV totally out of their rules we would be between a rock and a hard place. From what I have seen recently I believe there are people within AMA who would like to do just that.
Gary hit it here.. This is the EXACT reason why 4 years ago a group of us from RCGroups took the initiative to talk to the AMA. This was after someone in the group gave us a heads up that some sort of ruling would place us under some tighter regulations. I personally went to the FAA and visited someone there during their 50th anniversary. He said if we wanted any movement we'd have a better chance speaking with the AMA. Keeping in mind the AMA represents ALL modelers in the US. I was then quickly introduced to Rich Hanson who was attending the FAA's 50th.

Like it or not the AMA was the FPV'ers voice on the ARC for these regulations.

If you guys are going to petition anyone right now you should be going to your District Vice Presidents (DVP) or their Associate VP's. Your DVP is the person that's going to be casting the vote at the AMA meetings. Your District VP's is the person that are getting the heat from the constituents under them.

Keep in mind it's not not necessarily the AMA representation that wants to get rid of FPV.. It's your fellow modeler. Your fellow modeler that watches a viral FPV video on YouTube. They then feel that way of flying is a threat to their hobby. So the emotional modeler writes, calls, talks to his DVP and complains and tells their DVP FPV should be banned.

There are folks that spend a ridiculous amount of money in the hobby. Like I could have bought a nice used car for the price you paid for that aircraft ridiculous. You have AMA members that are not well versed with the technology and are scared of anything radical or new. When was the last time your average FPV'er spent over $8K on an aircraft?

Some of these folks talk with their DVP's or AVP's at contests or other AMA events. That or a member will see something and freak out and call their DVP. FPV'ers kinda keep to themselves.. So I challenge you to take 15 minutes of your time to email/write/phone your DVP. Educated them about FPV and what you do. Share some of your best videos with your DVP and explain what you did as far as safety. Build a relationship with your DVP or AVP. Here is the list of Districts and the contact information for your DVP..

If your DVP is to far away, check the link for the Associate VP's and see if one lives near your location. I've already met my AVP in San Diego and spoke with him.

The other part of the AMA you should be targeting is the Safety committee. Just do a search or find on this page for Safety. It's head up by Bob Brown and Tim Jesky

Note that Tim Jesky is the District 7 DVP! So FPV'ers in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin take the guy on a FPV ride!

I agree with Gary that not much is going to change between now and the regulations. If you guys are going to start a letter writing campaign then let's at least direct it toward the right people and get them educated. I think you'll find once the regulations have taken affect it'll be easier to change AMA rules vs Federal Regulations. Again choose your battle wisely and carefully.
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