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Good to see Typicalaimster is still around!
I agree that we should push for relaxing the buddy box rule but don't think the time is right for that flight. I doubt that AMA is going to consider relaxing any rules until after the dust has settled on the new regs. They are rightfully more concerned with holding on to what they have than adding any more controversy.

If you think AMA acceptance of FPV even with a buddy box was not important consider where we came from and where we stand at the moment. Like them or not AMA is the only organized body speaking for amateur modeling and the only one which has a chance of being heard by FAA. When 550 was written AMA had little to gain and the buddy box rule was never considered by those closely involved to be of any real help except it opened the door to possible future change.
If you have followed the situation you should know that very likely in the near future there will be no middle ground with vague guidelines that can be bent to fit your situation. Your plane will either be considered a sUAS or an amateur model as defined by AMA. If your a sUAS the only way to fly will be deep pockets or illegally and I believe you can expect there will be enforcement. If AMA were to for whatever reason write FPV totally out of their rules we would be between a rock and a hard place. From what I have seen recently I believe there are people within AMA who would like to do just that.
I realize that there are those among us who will say to hell with regulations and fly no matter what the consequences may be. Thatís fine but there are many other who see the advantage of remaining legal and it is those who need to carefully watch the scorecard as this plays out. The next opportunity for mass action will be when the NPRM is published.
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