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Thanks RCGroups!


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread ahead of today's maiden flight. Mods and specs borrowed mostly from this thread - thank you!

Goal was to minimize the extent of mods to where the issues lay yet make a very robust plane. The setup pulls around 820 watts with a 6x4 prop.

Unfortunately unlimited vertical at a ridiculous speed can only last for a couple of seconds!

Key mods were:

- Carbon fibre sheet (1mm) for motor platform top and bottom.
- 2.5mm CF rods for wing support
- 6mm CF strip (x2) along each side of inside edge of cockpit
- Control surfaces - replaced ill fitting tape with CA hinge, new tape, 1mm CF rod and new horns.
- A few strips of reinforced tape.

The CF plate worked very well. It is light weight and simple to fit as it kept the existing mount as is. The only exception was replacing the small little GF plate (underneath) from the kit with the much larger bottom CF plate (used same screws with new washers).

I used low temp hot glue to fix the wings and fins. One strip of tape along the seam, over the CF wing spar and near the leading edge. The effectiveness is quite remarkable considering how simple and light. I am not sure that CA would have achieved the same for this application?

Turnigy 2836 (3700kv) with standard motor mount
6x4E TGS propeller
90-100 HK SS Esc
Hitec 82MG servos with new connectors and 2mm carbon rods.

Further changes required:
1. Replace Nano 3s battery with much higher C rating.
2. New servos and CF rod setup working very well but stll not happy with rigidity of control surfaces.
3. Protection for servos on landing. Existing covers are too small.
4. Velcro strap for battery - Existing velcro not up to hard landings
5 Heat in cockpit is not bad but can be improved
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