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Originally Posted by prelator View Post
I don't know if this will actually change anything, but it's worth a shot!
I was with the group of 5 people from RCG that originally worked with the AMA to get SC550 put into place...

Looking at what you have placed in the petition I'd say if FPV modelers came together there is a good chance of getting the buddy box requirements relaxed. By relaxed I mean possibly no buddy box but a spotter is still going to be required. This is something that Dave Mathewson and I talked about on the phone when I was working with him on SC550. FPV'ers have had SC550 for a few years now and it's about time to review the rules. Mind you SC550 was drafted in 2008.

Little to no chance for beyond Line of Site operations for a FPV model flown under AMA rules.

My suggestion is to pick your battle carefully. You can form a committee and work with the AMA on changing the rules. Just keep in mind it helps being an AMA member. FPV folks may want to look creating a Special Interest Group (SIG) and have officers of the SIG represent them when interacting with the AMA.. Here's some examples of SIG's...

The AMA is willing to listen. It helps to have an organized voice behind the message.
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