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Originally Posted by gzmann View Post
I just got my RVOSD g5 3 weeks ago and have only flown a couple of times, but having some problems with the RTH function

Everything else it seems is working well , the fly by wire is working as does the level flight and other flight modes

The RTH mode does not work - whenever I engage the RTH - the airplane does a sharp Right turn and goes UP. It does not matter if the airplane is above or below the cruise altitude

I have almost lost control on a couple of occassions with it spiralling to the ground. I would turn it off and the Fly By Wire ( as well as some control on the sticks ) would straighten it out.

I have checked the vibration level and it does not seem to be a problem. It occurs with both glide and cruise throttle settings. The fly by wire works well. So I dont think it is a vibration problem .

I can be coming straight at home and the plane will turn sharp right and try to spiral.

Any suggestions??

Thanks Gordon
1st question : did you do the RC safety wizrard ?
if no, do it.
If yes, when asked for level flight, did you give cruise throttle of left throttle to zero ?

I did that mistake once.
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