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Yeah, I'm not really pleased with the tailwheel. I did what I thought was a pretty solid installation of the pull wires and the clamping, but after about a dozen or so flights, the wires (they really aren't wire - more like strong thread. Don't try to solder. I experimented with that) stretched, and maybe they pulled through the crimp a little, but in any case I practically have no ground-steering now. I'm looking for some tiny steel springs to use instead, but haven't found them yet.

I've played with the flaperons a little bit, but haven't had much success with them. If you lower them too much, the plane's not very controllable. If you raise them enough to where the plane IS controllable, then they really don't have any effect. I've given up on them for now, but may play with them again sometime.

I haven't quite gotten to where I can land the plane consistently well. It's fairly unforgiving if you stall it when you land, as it will either slam down hard or try to snap roll on you if you aren't really polished and precise (does not describe MY skill level!). It really can't be flared, because when the main wheels touch the ground, they are so far foward of the CG that it forces the tail down, which in turn causes the plane to go up. It's really easy to get into a porpoise mode -especially with the sensitive elevator, leading to nicked props, bent gear, and scraped wheel pants. I've learned to basically fly it onto the ground in a level position with essentially nuetral elevator, and when the mains are solidly on the ground, cut throttle and let the tail set by itself. The problem with doing it this way is that you have to land a little hot, and the landing roll is fast and loooong - which also is a problem when you have poor tailwheel steering. If you bounce when you touch down, don't try to salvage the landing. On the first bouce, full power and go around. I'd really like to hear from others how they land their planes. I usually wheel-land my cub without problem, but its so slow you don't have the other problems.

As for expo, here's where I currently have things set: 100% throw on all surfaces, but 60% expo on everything. This is really just my starting point. Winds have been so gustly lately that I haven't really been able to work on trim and expo settings. The elevators are really sensitive, so I'll probably crank up expo on those when I get around to it.

Good luck on your maiden! I can't wait to hear your experience.
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