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My Seagull 80" Cub is the most difficult plane that I have ever flown. Weird points about this Cub are:
1. Must keep 30% down elevator to keep the nose down until it gets up flying speed
2. MUST use rudder to keep it straight on take off (it will try to turn into the wind, and roll)
3. Do RUDDER turns, with a little aileron to keep angle of turn nice.

The Seagull Cub will snap roll if you let it just lift off (the main wing loads before the tail has enough air to control the plane). When this happens, you get a strong bank in one direction, that is actually a stall and slow snap roll.

Maybe little foamie Cubs are stable, but Cubs that fly like the full-size plane have very demanding flying habits. You will learn real flying skill to get them into the air, and learn how to make them fly gracefully. Practice taxiing it and keeping the plane straight with the rudder, and keeping the nose down. It will build your flying skills.

(The generalhobby P-51 54 inch and 1600 watt aeolian motor and 3,000 mAh 6S LiPo and 190A speed controller was MUCH, MUCH easier to fly than this 80" Cub!! The P-51 is a flying brick, but it has lots of wing, goes exactly where you point it, and slows down wonderfully to land. It tracks true on the ground, and take off. I would suggest the P-51 before I would ever suggest a "low wing trainer" such as the Escapade.)
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