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Originally Posted by pulver View Post
How does one set up power differential trust for the motors on the TX ? I will be using a Turnergy/Eurgle X9. Is there some video some place that shows me how to do this simple?
Its a fiddly thing to do, I think its available on your TX I am sure someone on the thread has mentioned your TX. You need 3 free mixes available to get it going, a lot of TX have only 2 so cant do it

As an outline you do this

seperate the 2 ESC cables and plug 1 into the throttle chan'l and the other into a spare let us say chan 6. You then mix throttle(master) to chan 6(slave) no mix curves just a straight mix and then check (with props removed) that both motors spin up when throttle is advanced.

Then you use a program mix to mix rudder(master) to throttle. now depending which side you have plugged in as throttle will depend which direction rudder you mix but basically if the left hand(from rear) motor is on throttle then mix so that when left rudder is applied the left motor speed decreases.

Use the 3rd mix to do a mirror image for the other ESC ussing rudder and Chan 6 but turning right.

Test all this in the house with no props on.

When sure its all working put the props on and try full power to make sure the motors are spinning at the same RPM

Caution....... the amount of mix needed is quite small maybe 25% is a good start.

It is best to have the 2 mixes set on a switch so you can turn it on and off as using the diff throttle in the air may cause problems.

Do a taxi test to make sure it all works ok on the water.

I never fitted the water rudder to mine as it just looked rubbish, I have over 200 flights on my Cat' and dont use diff throttle just the air rudder. now and again I may have to circle left to turn right as the wind catches it but usually it goes where I want it. You do need some throttle to get it turning, about 1/4 I use. With diff throttle it can turn slower.

There is descriptions of the mix for a DX8, Futaba 9C on the net but not sure about the Turnigy. But the basics are the same just the terminoligy used by each brand and menu location is changed.

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