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Be sure that your motor is angled a little down and a little to the right, helps control tendency to yaw left and pitch up during takeoffs and when applying sudden throttle.
Start takeoff roll with up elevator to hold tailwheel down and aid steering, gradually increase throttle, as speed builds, let tail rise and control direction with gentle nudges of right rudder to counteract torque, and keep from veering left. Let model rise off at around 3/4 throttle and keep climb angle moderate. Give a little down elevator to countreract tendency of nose to rotate up and cause a stall, back off on throttle as needed to transition to level cruising flight. To land, reduce throttle to 1/2 and have nose slightly down, use RUDDER to keep wings level, (ailerons lose effectiveness at landing speeds), reduce throttle gradually until model's main wheels touch down and reduce throttle more until tail wheel touches down. Raise elevators to keep tail wheel down on runway and to aide steering. Keep some power on during landings, aids steering and control, I use coupled aileron and rudder most ot the time, makes flying scale models easier. Over-ride it or shut it off when needed or desired.
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