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Originally Posted by murdnunoc View Post
That makes me feel a good deal better, DUP and Arctic.

I'll press on with the "outboard" install!
I can always get the large Megas in 8mm shaft, so the shaft is guaranteed to hold up to whatever potholes I can find in the field.

Are you guys keeping a close eye on the prop's position during the final landing glide? This is where having a strong brake comes in, as the position can be observed and the throttle blipped until the prop is close to horizontal.
A windmilling prop guarantees that at some point the prop will touch the ground, even if it's only to bump it out of the way, which may be causing the frequent tip breaks.
'Course, watching the prop only works if you can land close enough to SEE the prop!

I agree with this technique. On my pylon models with 5" props this is the method used and I rarely, if ever, break a prop. I would think it would be even more difficult to break a 7x10 because they are extra robust. I also used that method with a 6.5x10 (cut down APC) on a MEGA 16/40/2. This worked well except that the braking stuggled to stop the prop under initial deceleration (180+ mph). Once it slowed down to ~100 mph the prop would lock in place and you could do Murdo's method.

Murdo, I can't wait to see your Ninja. 8mm motor shaft? Is the whole motor a shaft!?! I think they call those outrunners (tongue in cheek, if the emoticon isn't obvious enough!)
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