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been modifying my microlight lately to try and decrease the 'pitching' under power,
since i turned the prop the right way around the power has been too much for it
i know mods are supposed to be done one at a time but i was pretty confident all these would improve it.

first i removed 30mm off the rear of the sail to reduce the chord of the wing- this reduced the drag and improved the gliding ability,

secondly i reshaped the wing tips, then flexed the tips in abit and re-glued it so it tensioned the trailing edge,
again to reduce drag by having a tighter wing and smaller area wing tips.

I brought the motor up by roughly 20mm to bring the thrust line closer to the wing to reduce the pitching under power.

undercarriage legs were bend out abit to increase the wheel base and bring the back of the trike down abit.

wing cable mounts have been changed to 'tangs' to make cables easier to change and so they can be changed one at a time.

was lovely and still last night so got it out for a test,
What a difference!!
we chose a field with short grass so we could do proper takeoffs and landings,
it lifted off nice and smoothly with a push out of the bar and climbed nicely to about 200ft,
you could get it to pitch if you slammed the throttle open but when flown scale like it should be it flew like a dream!

landings were very easy and stable and could actually get the rear wheels to touch and keep the nose off the ground and then takeoff again! awesome fun

flew under a few goal posts aswell to show how controllable it is!

wing drag has been noticably reduced so 'keeps up' with the trike and not dragging slightly behind causing nose up attitudes.

ill get some video next time but really didnt think i was going to get anything worth filming last night so left it at home
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