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I didn't think I would get so many questions in such a short amount of time. I'll try and answer them as best I can in order.

But first, I have a solid buy offer from ROYLAB and this module is his pending payment. I have a second module completed and it will go to Sogomon should he commit to buy. I will be making 3 more of these very soon. Please PM me if you want one.

I am building these myself using home-made PCBs using a quality photo-etch process, . While I have not tested the absolute limit of line-of-site range, I can tell you that I have flown aircraft approximately 1000' away and had solid control the whole time. The modules RF power of +20dbm is a conservative rating and is based on the known average output power of the CYRF6936 chip and the known average gain from the RF amp. Real Spektrum RF modules range from +18dbm to +23dbm so mine is in the middle of that range. There should not be much of a difference in range between DSM2 and DSMX mode.

Nothing else is needed except this module to convert your TX to DSM2 or DSMX. I have been flying 2 incarnations of this module since last year with excellent results. The core DSM2/DSMX code is solid. I have flown:
Parkzone Vapor (DSM2)
28" foamy biplane with a AR6110 RX (DSM2),
Parkzone Typhoon II 3D with both an AR500 (DSM2) and AR6210 (in both DSM2 and DSMX modes)
an 80" SIG Kadet SR with an AR7000 (DSM2)

Solid control with everything. But, as with any radio system, do a ground range test before flight. If you have doubts about the ground range test, send it back, I'll refund your money. I trust it enough that I sold my real DM9 module quite a while ago.

Yes, 9 channels in DSM2 mode, 7 with DSMX. The reason for the 7 channel limit on DSMX is that I am still working on the protocol. But the 7 channel version of the protocol is solid.

Couple of additional things I'll mention:
When I have the full 9 channel version of DSMX ready, I'll re-flash, for free, anyone's module who wants it.

Every module has a unique DSMX frequency hopping pattern, just like the real Spektrum stuff. I am not selling modules all with the same hopping pattern.

I've been meaning to get some video to show the module working but time has been limited. But, I'm on vacation next week so I'll make an effort.

I am a bit embarrassed by the photos of the PCB. That was not my best work but every solder joint is solid.

Please keep the questions coming.
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