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Originally Posted by IFlyRCs View Post
What Tx are you using?
If you have a Gear switch, just hook the buzzer to Gear on the Rx.
The buzzer is actually made to hook right up to an Rx.

The catch to that buzzer is (A) if you lose Rx contact you can't trigger the buzzer and (B) If the battery disconnects you have no buzzer.
They have another buzzer that will sound after 1 minute of lost radio contact or if you turn the Tx off if you still have contact.
Another good suggestion....I'm using a DX8 so no problem with using the gear switch.

I looked at that one...but went with other as it was cheaper...guess I didn't really think it through. Although will also not work if the battery gets disconnected, it will work if you lose Tx -Rx contact..which is better.

Just ordered some...thx
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