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My friend,

I am of the same circumstances. About 30 years ago me and a missing countershaft sproket guard on my dirtbike found me inserting my middle finger into the chain/gear removing just enough to have the entire end gone. I have 3/4 or the finger nail left. Had to have the bone trimmed. I quit playing guitar, but have plans to have some extra side flesh trimmed as well. An early ESC reset itself and started on a bench coming right me & my son. Held my hand out to guard us both- 26 stiches later...I will tell you this, when I messed up my finger in my dirtbike, I felt like the dummest person that I ever met. Time passed and as in my line of work I had to get back using my hands. I remember folks telling me that "I had good hands". Since then I have enjoyed making custom jewelry, designs that I developed on the basis of impossibility. The most difficult that I could dream of. Stuff that no other jeweler would ever undertake, but it was & is still a hobby. (help get me my second wife he he! Lord please forgive me for that). Now it's Nanotechnology. I can write my name clearly in 0.20mm font! Every move I make (under high magnification) at work is a planed & cordinated movement. I just re-wound a 28mm motor with the top endbell still installed, and made 24 solder connections where one of the seinors on the therad said it was impossible. I do these things (Quote JFK) not because they are easy, but because they are hard. My body healed, but my mind forever will fight the fact that I did the dummest thing. So if anyone wants to know why I'm like this, well that's why. And I will not add the word "sadly". Never. But it took me this long, perhaps up just now (as I write you) Ken, to realize that. I'm so sorry. I had the "ghost" feeling for a year or so in the finger. But slowly faded which I pray wll be the same with you. I don't know your exact condition, but don't give up hope. Just heal for now, your body knows best. I kept banging mine around, the bone wanted to come through and it always bled. Had hair on the end because of the skin graft was taken just behind my wrist. I'm glad you mentioned it.

Well back to the Zlin, yes I addressed the weak spot! Check out the white paper cutout. Tonight I'll install the left & right side fuse stiffner that you helped define. It will have to conform to a curve however. I hope that the old balsa will take it as this will be the best test so far of the structural integrity of the "old stuff", hey- I'm talk'in about the balsa, not me!

I laminated 1/64 ply from the firewall back to the middle of the wing saddle. IMO, that joint where the rear of the nose meets the front of the wing saddle is a bit weak. You only need to do the flat part, not the turtle deck. I think I did mine on the inside as I built it. take a look see if that is still possible. If not the outside will suffice as the transition from ply to balsa will be easy to hide. I see what your saying. You know I have to fit a battery tray of some sorts, so I did add a 1" x 3/8ths thick piece of balsa to the bottom nose. I hope the fuse siffeners will make (see pic where pen is pointing) the nose section more mechanicaly sound as there are no spars going all the way through, just a bunch of 3/8ths balsa glued in front of the wing section (400 section).

Covering the turtle deck has already be done...w/ 1/8th balsa. No wonder why it was all split. But it good now after filling w/ some glue & balsa dust, then sanded.

SIG's response was so loaded with good information I said what the heck and posted Bob's entire email.

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