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I advise against buying a ground vehicle for FPV training. I just don't get the appeal of the rc cars and trucks at all. I would advise you get a light foamie trainer airplane and learn LOS first, like an Easy Star. Then put on FPV equipment after researching it on the sticky threads.

But if you are not into tinkering I would also consider buying the Spyhawk you see advertised above. It is a very small easy to fly plane with built in stabilization gyros. Can learn to fly LOS with it, and after a few flights you can just start looking down at the LCD screen - voila, you are doing FPV. No complex building of FPV systems, no 4 figure investment. It is not all that well known, but FLite Test and RCModel reviews have good info on it from their tests. Its main shortcoming is that it is limited in range and not all that upgradeable, though I think you can just plug in goggles and maybe upgrade the antennas to make it a better system. It is under $400 - I think I invested about $800 to start flying FPV with a micro sized plane that is less impressive than the Spyhawk. Might be a place to start if you don't mind buying a whole other advanced FPV system later on.

I fly over water - it is fine, just don't fly low+far (same goes for over land). Can fly low+close, or far+higher. And water will kill some electronics if you dunk it, but if it is a foamie at least it will float. If you get a floatplane, it can be waterproofed (I did this with a catalina) though I have not figured out how to properly waterproof the FPV electronics yet.
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