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I could not agree more

I bought this plane on the strength of the positive comments in this massive thread but genuinely I'm not that impressed.

I'm looking forward to flying it which will be over the next couple of days as I'm still awaiting my new prop and spinner. The good thing is I know it'll fly. It's a Parkzone, they all fly.

But now I know something on mine will definately not drop off,, that was until I just read about the horizontal stab mount

I know it stirred up a few comments lately but the quality is quite poor for the money,, the bind and fly version in the UK is 170..

I've often returned comments to guys who say that todays modern processes of manufacture are sometimes regarded as"It's just a foamy" and I've retorted with "There's no such thing as JUST a foamy" .

I've usually regarded todays modern methods as a positive aproach to our hobby and in most cases the types of foam used are a cool way to be able to fly excellent models from the box.

I don't think,,, from a personal view,, that the RP comes close to being a contender in the category of high end foam produced machines.

Without the excellent comments on this thread and the ideas to modify the model to ensure it's longevity I don't think my RP would last that long without major failure of something.

With the money it cost me,,ensuring it's longevity and satisfying the fun element is paramount so I intend to carry on ensuring that my mods and checks fulfill this,, and now another issue with the horizontal stab mount

That will now cover everything that the assembler at Horizon Hobby has had his / her hands on

There are some who are enjoying this model without any major issues and fair play to you,, but for my hard earned cash,, the Radian Pro which has just cost me 3 weeks worth of money I could have spent on food for my family comes no where near the quality of the Multiplex or Graupner variants and certainly does not uphold the quality of the other planes in the Parkzone camp.

Perhaps,, if I was not quite so much of a perfectionist,,, I'd have been able to fly mine withjout touching anything,,, I genuinely am, not so sure,, I'm OK with what I've done to satisfy my endeavour to keep this RP for a few years though but at the same time curious to know why the quality is not quite what it should be on a camparison to how much the model costs,, in my opinion that is.
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