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Originally Posted by RocketJoe View Post
well I'm getting frustrated..

my witespy quad with Naza is acting NutZ..

flew it yesterday and it was perfect...changed battery..

now I have hold aileron almost all left to get it level..

watt happened?

it throws these fits it seems everytime I try to show it to someone..?

id say maybe a lazy motor but it flies great then it the next flight it just goes bananas..!

how does the Naza get its bearing on level flight..

on startup or on battery power-up??
I know with my Copter Control, i need to give it a good 10-20 seconds between packs, and a good 5-10 seconds after i plug it in.

So, i like to have a drink of pop or something in between changing packs. sometimes if i do it to quickly, there will be some excess drift. I think this has to do with the acc. or gyro's not fully in thier zero setting when i plug the new battery in.
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