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Originally Posted by E-speed buff View Post
Hi feefo

Your question is very difficult to answer, it depends on, power to weight ratio, all up weight and how smooth you fly!
In a straight away dive your speed will be higher, the steeper the dive, the higher the speed.
Every control input will slow your plane down, an aileron roll can slow you down as much as 20Mph, if you pull up hard it can slow you down as much as 40Mph with a FJU!
If you want to fly fast you have to fly as smooth as possible.

Grtz René
Cheers Grtz...

Yes I know there's a ton of variables, I was just wondering how big a difference it could make. I wasn't sure if a steeper dive with more pull up would be faster than a shallower dive with less pull up, as the shallower dive would need less input to level it out. Hopefully I'll get a new cam soon so I can try a few different methods and have a go with doppler to see. Thanks again.
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