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Read posts 65, 69, 70, 73 from above and lets see what the consensus is.

There seems to be some different opinions as to where the UBEC connection
should be.
One side of course goes to the rx side.

But what about the other end???

Battery side or Esc side of the elogger??

Originally Posted by Mykro View Post
..........I lost video !!.. ......I landed the plane and upon further inspection I
found that the deans connector going into my elogger from my flight battery
was not seated all the way in, the connection was not 100%.. intermittent at
best.... But I still had power to the rx, and thereby power to my servos only
because I had my CC BEC connected to the battery cable "feeding" the

In your diagram you have the BEC installed "after the elogger" What if what
happened to me happened to you?? You would have no power to your
elogger. no power to your BEC, therefore no power to your Rx... Your plane
would crash..!

If all else fails.. you need to keep power to the Rx via a BEC (as the diagram
shows..) so that you can maintain control of your plane if for some reason
Sh..&^#..t hits the fan and you lose power to your beloved ET equipment!!

Whatever the reason was for installing your BEC as you did is certainly not
worth the risk of crashing.. or worse yet.. A lost model..!

Originally Posted by wannabe View Post
Some observations:
  1. You might consider putting the BEC on the ESC side of the eLogger so
  2. it can read mAh for everything the main battery is supplying power to.
  3. If you are using a 3S main battery, you don't need to send power to the eLogger via BEC.

Originally Posted by Mykro View Post
.You seem to be confusing the elogger backup
cable with the BEC.. You would be correct in saying that the use of the
battery backup cable is "not used" if you are using the "V4 elogger"..
Where as with the V3 elogger the battery backup cable is
"Recommended" using a 3s battery.. However,.. The BEC does not
provide power to the elogger.! The BEC provides power to the Rx in
case the elogger loses power.. The BEC bypasses the elogger..!
Besides, the BEC is supplying 5 volts to the Rx not 12 volts.
The power supplied by the main battery passes through the elogger and
powers all the components in the plane.. Do we all agree with that?? So
Therefore, this same power makes it's way to power the Rx!.. And since
the BEC is connected to the Rx, the elogger will read any Mah
consumed by the BEC through the Rx anyway!!

So there you have it..!! To use a BEC as intended, you would be by
default, connecting "any" BEC to the ESC side of the elogger by
connecting the BEC to an open channel on your Rx.. But you must
power the BEC "before" or on the battery side of the elogger ...

Originally Posted by Crist Rigotti View Post
The problem with wiring it this way is that
the total ma used would be incorrect because the radio system draw won't be
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