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I havent even gotten mine yet to start the build....but I have read much of the mods, and I think the wing struts is a great mod in addition to all this. Im gonna put it on floats cause I live on a lake and there is no decent approach or landing zone but a short grassy bank (still approach over water) and on the lake itself...

I was thinking to use bent steel rods inside the spars to hold the dihedral...still go together in the field fairly easy...

Originally Posted by wingsnapa View Post
I know the EPPFPV flies stock, no issues there, but the question is, how do you want it to fly? I dare say the only people who have the comparison between flying a stock bird vs a usefully modded bird are the ones who have done it.

The t-tail, for example which really isn't useful for better flight, is simply a damage saving measure, already saved me numerous times in long grass. A few degrees of dihedral will not necessarily give you a better 'flying' plane, but what it will give you is inherent stability. I let go of the sticks in almost any attitude and she straightens right up.

I doubled the strength of the wing spars and made the tail more rigid so they simply would not fail unless pile driven into the dirt at 90kph. Would the stock spars fail?, maybe, maybe not...but others have under only moderate strain.

I'm not taking the risk with 2kg of expensive equipment supported by two 4mm carbon rods. What would 2kg of weight do to 4mm carbon spar pulling out of a dive at say 4G? I'd rather just not worry about that result myself

I consider the mods above the most useful for what I want and neither of them were intended to make the plane fly twice as good, just address a few issues that for FPV use, are better not to have.

EDIT: I'm setting up for long distance ocean fpv, I want a reliable platform.
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