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Just got back from some more 3S testing at the field (using the B3D).

Took 3x TP250s.
First flight was amazing, loads of thrust for verticals etc. I could feel it trying to rip out of my hands on takeoff. No issues.
Second flight; the takeoff seemed a bit down on power, just not the same level of thrust evident as before. Roughly half way through the flight (2mins ish) the motor failed. Poss OCP, I managed to glide down and restart the motor. Carried on flying for about another 2mins with no issues.
Third flight was again down on power at launch and had intermittent OCP all the way through the flight.

This makes me wonder if it is in fact Over Temperature Protection kicking in? I am running the 2300 motor direct swap from the Sbach with no spinner. The Beast spinner has somekind of disk behind it. Does this act as a fan for extra cooling?

I think all things considdered, at this point in time I will leave the Beast on 2S with the lighter wingloading and enjoy the Sbach on 3S. I've got a second Sbach airframe coming my way which I will beef up for the 3S madness

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