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Wow, I'm really excited by the announcement of this radio - I love the FrSky stuff I've used to convert my Evo, but need a new TX in the med term. Dual operation modes is certainly very attractive - I'm no fan of DSM2, but being able to fly indoor and park flyer BNFs would be a huge selling point to many. I do have two requests for FrSky though...
  • Lets make sure the quality of the physicals (gimbals, case etc) is up to the std of brand name mid range radios. Yes some people use and are happy with the 9x, but the majority of your customers use your products with converted brand name TXs and expect a high degree of quality in these areas.
  • Please please please employ some native speaking technical writers to do the documentation for the new TX! This is the main weak point of FrSky right now; the products and prices are great, but try and do anything remotely "advanced" (I.e.upgrading firmware, setting RSSI/voltage alarms) and it's far harder than it needs to be because of the poor documentation. It might also give RENATOA a break from his role as the one man FrSky help desk!
Originally Posted by Dimitris76 View Post
Guys, wanna get new ideas?
Have a look at this GORGEOUS transmitter case with a functional large screen on TOP?

The photo is here:

it an announcement from a store in Sweden and that particular radio is a Jeti DS 16 that's coming in the summer 2012.
I love the look of the new Jeti TXs, but ergonomically I don't think there are any new ideas. The quality looks awesome (that magnesium case certainly has the bling factor!), but it's very delayed, there are still question marks about it's mixing capabilites and unfortunately it comes at significant cost. A price point of ~€1000 is unlikely to excite people in this thread who want top end functionality (mixing and telemetry) plus an ultra reliable RF implementation for about a fifth of that!.
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