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Making holes in things

Made a few holes in some things.

After staring at photos of flat black things in shadows until I could hardly see - I guessed at the bees and put them on the bowsprit. It got a few holes in it where the stays pass through.

Name: pri20120522c.jpg
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Description: Bees and cap

The cap was detailed further with another pair of holes near the top and a couple of brackets for the spreaders. I still have to figure out how the dolphin striker went on.

Two stays come over from the main top mast and pass through a pair of holes in the fore cap. I was concerned that chafing would saw through these holes, so I sleeved them with brass tubing CAed into the holes.
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Description: Sleeved holes in cap

Pride has two bob-stays that attach at two holes in the cutwater. These pierce the fiberglass and plywood keel so these were epoxied in slightly over-sized holes so the epoxy could seal everything around the tubing.
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Description: Sleeved holes in cutwater

There are two hooks in each mast for their peak-halyard blocks. I made these from some 1/16" brass rod. The real ones went through a steel plate on the back of the mast that acted like a big washer. On the front of the mast they were peened over a fender washer.

My problem is the cross-trees won't pass over them if they're permanently put in place. On the real cross-trees they unbolt a bolster to get it over the hooks - I don't have that option. I intend to thread the hooks and put a washer and nut on them so I can remove them if I need to. They'll get cut shorter then.
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Description: Peak halyard block hooks
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