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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post
Yesterday was a perfect flying day here in MN! Mid-70s & sunny, with hardly a breath of a breeze, 0-4 MPH right down the centerline. I spent the entire day & evening at the field. I flew the crap out of the B3D, among others. Had an absolute blast! One of my flying buddies flies heavies for a living - A320s and the like. He's also an accomplished pattern & 3D pilot. He was screwing around with a Multiplex Fun Cub & handed me the tx for awhile. I flew it around for 15 minutes or so, having a blast doing touch & goes and all sorts of goofy maneuvers - with a big grin on my face the whole time. (I now understand why they named it 'Fun Cub'!)

Afterward, I asked him if he'd like to try the B3D on 3s. He has seen me fly it on many occasions in both calm and windy conditions. He responded enthusiastically. I popped in a fresh Hyp 180 3s Babbelbatt & set it for a neutral CG, handed him the tx, and briefed him on the idiosyncrasies of AS3X. I told him to wring it out if he wanted to. He took off & carved up the sky until the timer went off @ 4:50. As he put the bird through its paces, I could hear him laughing. He was grinning as he handed me the tx. after he landed The first thing he said was that it felt just like flying a large-scale plane. The second thing he said was that he's ordering one! Now there's a guy who really knows how to manage the throttle. He tore up the sky for nearly 5 minutes on 3s, doing pattern & 3D - and only used 97 mAh!

I also heard a number of comments about my 37 MPH wind demo last Saturday. I guess a number of pilots had been talking about it afterward & said they'd never seen such a thing - and that at first, was hard for them to even believe their eyes.


We know that the Horizon guys follow these threads, which means that they know about our 3s experiments. They must also know that we're having excellent success (so far) with the EFLU4864 brick on 3s. Makes me wonder if they're doing a bit their own 3s testing...



Big smile in Idah after reading that sweet story!

I forget how small the B3D really is as soon as she lifts off.
She has an amazing blend of large and small flight characteristics.
I've really been getting into some violent WOT 3S cross controlled spins lately.
The B3D airframe and servos are always up to the abusive task.

I usually take 2~3 planes to the field.
As soon as the B3D comes out, the others don't get flown again.

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