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Originally Posted by sgtdirt View Post
can i ask which poll your getting your info? in YOUR poll, the MAJORITY say NO, vendors should not have to pay for return shipping.

i don't understand the poll. what company are you referring to when you state "worlds away" what are you trying to prove?
btw, i gave you two U.S. vendors that did not charge me anything when they had to ship me good parts because i had received defective ones. also, as it's been stated before, i can usually get a discount voucher from my LHS if i purchased a defective part, lipo or gear. i think i have proven that this is the great way to operate a business. i get a big eating grin when things work out painlessly.
very good! keep at it. Again, I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited and soooooooooooo glad it's working for you.
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