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Yoda - Ultrabatics - perform them, this will...

Alright guys, i've been hinting for ages over on the VTPR Facebook group that i've been working on a lightweight glider that is capable of performing a rudder flip, as well as all the other ultrabatic stuff.

As far as i know the only other glider out there that will do it is the Aero-Glide that Steve and Michael built over in Cali, and I wanted in on the action!!!! What I was looking for, was a smaller sloper that could do all the VTPR and ultrabatics stuff, that looked a little unique. Then someone mentioned that with the tail config the way it was on the Aero-Glide, it could be discus launched. I ran with that idea and have a launching peg installed so I can DL it (in super light conditions) on the slope.

Now it could possible be built lighter with EPP and covering film, as well as some lighter servo's and a swiss cheesed wing... But i wanted to use what I had, and that was blue foam, carbon and fiberglass. Plus 2x HXT500's, 2x HXT900's, a AAA 4cell pack and an orange Futaba reciever.

She came out at 258g ready to fly. That gives me a wing loading of around 6.5oz/sq.ft, or 20g/ I'm pretty happy with that, and hope that it holds up to the usual VTPR slope abuse. One thing I added in this which wasn't in my 40" Le Fish, was a 2.5mm carbon rod down the entire LE of the wing to provide impact resistance. The old wind was totally dinged up, where as this can be whacked on anything and the LE remains clean.

Why the name? Well, what's little, extremely agile and pretty weird looking? Yoda of course! I found the tail shape I designed looks very similar Yoda's ear, and it suits the way it flies.

There's a short video below of some test glides in the park. I have full length flapperons mixed in like a DLG so I can really slow it down for landing, i'm using them in the video to hand catch it...

There's plans attached for anyone interested. Feel free to make one, change it, fix it, redistribute it or whatever you want. It's very loosely based on the original Le Fish plans, so credit goes to Steve Lange for the idea - and in particular the work he's done with Michael Richter from Dreamflight on the Aero-Glide.

Yoda - Ultrabatics Glider (0 min 41 sec)
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